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Readers Respond: Honoring the Dead at a Wedding

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I will honor my grandmother who passed away 4 weeks before my wedding by carrying the rosary beads that she carried everyday in my bouquet as well as lighting a candle in her honor at the seat where she would have been sitting.
—Guest ChristinaM

Honoring the Deceased

My fiancee and I will have an empty chair and will each place a rose in the chair in rememberance of our deceased parent.
—Guest Simone

Honoring My Dad

Dad was a 35 plus year veteran of the Police Service in the city where we live. He was instrumental in forming the force - his badge number was only 3 digits, and most now are 4 or 5. Anyway, my fiancee has arranged to have the Service help me, and they are going to carry my father's police cap and gloves down the aisle just in front of me - so Dad can be there, just ahead of me. It's such a great honor how they are helping with this. (I will also be wearing the lapel pin for his service medal on my dress somewhere. No one will see it, but it will be there.)
—Guest jillianb

In honor of my Dad

My dad passed away 6 months ago of cancer. My two oldest brothers will walk me down the aisle, as the third is a groomsman. My father's only brother/sibling will dance the "father/daughter" dance with me, to Volare by the Gipsy Kings.
—Guest Laura

In memory

My father died when I was 14 from cancer. I am an only child and my mother never remarried. I an walking down the aisle alone, but there is a note in the program that I am walking down with the memory of my father
—Guest Carrie

Remembering my fiance's mother.

I plan on placing a simple bouquet on an empty seat for my fiance's mother. There will also be a candle and flower arrangement.
—Guest Jana

remembering my dad

I was only 16 when I lost my father to cancer. I have dreaded the day when I would get married and not have him there to give me away or participate in the father daughter dance. Now I'm 24 and getting married next summer and it's hitting me hard. I am going to have his cowboy hat or belt buckle placed on a chair next to one of my brothers along with my favorite picture of him. I'm also having the older of my two brothers walk me down the aisle and give me away. I know my dad will be there in spirit.
—Guest liz

Many family members gone, suggestions?

I've lost so many family members: My parents, my only brother and my grandmother. Does anyone have suggestions for making my wedding day less sad for me?
—Guest corine

Remembering my fiance's mother

My future husband lost his mother 10 years ago to breast cancer. Instead of favors, we are going to make a sizeable donation to a breast cancer research foundation, and acknowledge that donation in her memory on a card at each place setting.

Honoring my Father

I lost my father when I was 13 in a car accident. I will have my oldest brother walk me down the aisle and I will have a cameo locket in my bouquet with his picture in it. There will be a candle lit in his memory next to my mother and I am also going to leave my bouquet at my dad's gravesite after the wedding.
—Guest Guest

Remembering dad

To remember my dad on my wedding day I'm having a charm made with his picture engraved on it. I will tie a ribbon to the charm & tie it to my wedding bouquet. He can't walk me down the aisle, but he will be with me when I do walk down the aisle. I'll give the charm to my mom after the ceremony to wear on a necklace.
—Guest Angela

My Daddy, My Best Friend...

2 years ago to suicide.. my almost 1yr old son was in the house when my father who was highly depressed took a shot-gun to his wonderful loving heart. There was no way to bring him back... I miss him every day of my life. I'm getting married this October and I don't have my daddy who walked my three older sisters down the aisle... but I have my dad's best friend my mom's sister's husband who was MORE then honored when I asked... he honestly couldn't have said yes fast enough.. after my dad passed I lived with that uncle and my aunt and my son for a year... they were there for me through everything... and I hope one day I can re-pay them. Love you guys!! and MORE SO... LOVE YOU DADDY (JFP) *4/8/45-1/6/08
—Guest Cathryn P.

Remembering my Mom, Dad and Step dad

I plan to have three empty seats for my family. I will walk down by myself. Or maybe have my new father-in-law walk me down. I am going to have my three candles one for each family member. I will have my friend sing "You are not Alone." At that time me and my two children will light the candles and place a white rose on each chair. I lost my family in a very tragic way. With the father-daughter dance I will dance with my brother who looks just like my dad. Its so hard to find just the right amount to honor my lost family with out it being just too sad. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know. I am getting married May 21, 2011, so that gives me some time. thank you
—Guest Misti


My dad committed suicide on 1-3-2010 and my fiance and I are getting married on 8-24-2011. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet to honor him but i think I'm going to write a poem and put his hat and a picture of him on the chair next to my mom.
—Guest Suzanne

Remembering Katie

Katie was my niece. We lost her suddenly a year ago. We will have a memorial vase of flowers at the wedding. My daughter will be carrying my father's Bible. My father died when I was 10. In the Bible will be pictures of Katie. My daughter would have had Katie as a bridesmaid. She asked her aunt to stand in Katie's place. Katie was my sister's only daughter. Afterwards my daughter will be giving the vase to her aunt along with one of the pictures of Katie from the Bible. Several other relatives will also be given one of Katie's pictures that will be carried in the Bible such as Katie's brother and grandmother.

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