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Diana Krall and Elvis Costello's Wedding

Details on Krall and Costello's Secret Wedding


Diana Krall and Elvis Costello quietly wed on December 5th, 2003 on Elton John's estate outside London with 150 guests. Elvis Costello, 49, a singer song-writer and Diana Krall, 39, a jazz singer, were together for a year before their civil wedding. While their wedding was relatively big compared to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's wedding or Mary J. Blige and Kendu Issac's wedding, they managed to keep it a secret from lurking paparazzi, and still relatively few details have been leaked.

Guests, who included Paul McCartney and Canada's consul general to New York, Pamela Wallin, were sworn to secrecy, according to Canada's Globe and Mail. Popular Irish band The Chieftains played with frontman Paddy Moloney. On Houstonpress.com, Moloney is quoted as saying, " "To see Paul McCartney dancing with our dancers, I couldn't believe it! And he's really good, too." According to publicist Stephen Gash, "The wedding was a private event with close friends and family in attendance."

Krall won a Grammy for her album "Live in Paris" and met Costello during the 2002 Grammys. They collaborated on writing six new tracks for Krall's latest album, The Girl in the Other Room. They live together in New York and have a second home on Vancouver Island, near where Krall grew up. This is the first wedding for Krall, while Costello's two previous marriages ended in divorce.

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