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Mary J. Blige's Intimate Wedding

Mary J. weds Kendu with only close friends and family present


Mary J. Blige Wedding to Kendu Isaacs

Mary J. Blige weds record producer Kendu Isaacs

In a story first reported by People Magazine, Mary J. Blige got married in a style very unusual for someone of her wealth and fame. With just fifty guests (none of whom were celebrities), singer Mary J. Blige and record producer Kendu Isaacs had a quiet ceremony at her house in Bergen County, New Jersey, conducted by their pastor Dr. Frederick K.C. Price. Instead of an orchestra or band, a friend played "Here Comes the Bride" on the piano.

Even with a small wedding, Mary J. was reportedly very nervous – she had difficulty breathing while walking down the aisle, and didn't exhale until Kendu took her hand.

They then sat down to dinner of oxtails, barbequed chicken, and crab prepared by her mother and sister. But celebrities can't pretend to be ordinary people forever; the couple is forgoing a honeymoon as Mary J. begins rehearsals for her tour in promotion of her "Love and Life" album (which she's received three Grammy nominations for). Since new hubby Kendu worked on the album, hopefully they'll get to spend some time working together on the tour.

According to her official website, www.mjblige.com, Mary says "He completes me in the areas that I'm weak in. He's an analytical brain. I'm a creative brain. We pray together. We read the Bible together…I've never seen a man who loves the Lord like he does. He loves his family. He's a good person. He makes me laugh." Britney Spears' Surprise Wedding

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