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10 Tips for Amazing Wedding Night Sex

How to Make Sex on Your Wedding Night Unforgettable


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There's a general national myth about wedding night sex—supposedly every bride and groom has the most amazing sex of their lives on their wedding nights. While that might not be the case for everyone, you can do some things to make the moment memorable. Here are ten tips for a sexier wedding night.

  1. Take things slowly
    Savor this moment. While you may be a little too tired to have the most technically excellent sex of your lives, your wedding night is likely to be among your most romantic and intimate sexual experiences.

  2. Lower your expectations
    Between the pressure, the exhaustion, and the alcohol you might have drunk at your wedding, this may not be the most amazing sex you've ever had. That's okay. Try to just enjoy whatever happens.

  3. Read some sex books
    Who couldn't use a little advice from the experts? Some to try: The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man and Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men.

  4. Talk to each other
    Spend some time relaxing, talking about the wedding, and about your love for each other. Let things get romantic and sappy. Or, if it turns you on, get a little dirty. The sex that follows will be intimate and amazing.

  5. Expand your idea of the "wedding night"
    If you're too tired for foreplay, that sex isn't going to be so great. Couldn't it be better to wait until the morning? You'll still be in your wedding night bed, with the excitement and adrenaline of the day before, but you'll be more rested.

  6. Flirt with each other during the wedding
    It can be easy to spend the whole wedding greeting Aunt Sally and Cousin Bob, cutting the cake, and attending to a thousand other details. Don't forget to stop, stare into each other's eyes, share a few extra kisses, and flirt with each other. It will also help build the excitement for your alone time later.

  7. Don't have sex with each other for a couple of weeks before the wedding
    Many couples try this to make the wedding night sex fresh and new again. Others go even further by giving up sex months before the wedding so that they may be virgin-like on the wedding night.

  8. Try something new
    Perhaps there's been something you've been wanting to try? Your wedding night can be a fun night to experiment, and to be a little more adventurous. It's the start of a new chapter in your lives, so why shouldn't it also be the start of a new chapter in your sex life?

  9. Wear something special
    Wedding night lingerie can really help the mood. Pick something a little different than what you usually wear to excite your partner. Make sure you feel confident in it, as a confident lover is almost always a better lover. Don't forget that sexy underwear isn't just for ladies! Guys can also splurge for something that makes them feel powerful and alluring.

  10. Set the stage
    Help yourselves get into the mood by setting the stage. Light some candles, bring some CDs and a radio, scatter rosepetals, or do whatever helps you get in the mood. And don't be afraid to kick out your friends and family right away! This is your wedding night. While they may tease you a little, they'll certainly understand!

Even if you follow these tips, you may find that you are too exhausted or tipsy to have sex. If one of you falls asleep, or isn't in the mood, remember: it's not a prediction of a doomed marriage. Spend the time relaxing and reflecting on how wonderful your wedding day was. You have a lifetime together to recreate the moment.
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