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5 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Night

Plan for a Romantic and Meaningful Wedding Night


5 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Night
Engaged couples spend lots of time planning for the big day, but not everybody plans well for the big wedding night. This time alone together after the festivities can be incredibly meaningful and romantic.
  1. Take Your Time
    Many people think a wedding night means jumping into bed right away. But it's worth it to take a few minutes to talk about the magic of your day, the parts you loved the most, and how you feel about each other. Since the wedding goes by so quickly, it's worth it to take a few moments to remember. You should also to take a few minutes to set the scene. Bring along your stereo and favorite music, some flowers, and even massage oil or other treats to make things especially romantic.

  2. Enjoy Each Other
    Speaking of jumping into bed, you might be worried about sex. If you're a virgin, you're probably full of questions and apprehensions. If you're not a virgin, you might be feeling pressure to have extra special wedding night sex. Regardless of how much experience you have, you need to take the pressure off! Instead, focus on enjoying each other. If you end up consummating the marriage on your wedding night, great! If not, there's a lifetime ahead of you. For more tips on enjoying sex on your wedding night, check out Wedding Night Sex Tips and Wedding Night Sex Tips for Virgins

  3. Pack a Bag
    I've heard of more than a few brides waking up the morning after, only to realize that they have no change of clothes – only their wedding dress! They've got a long - and slightly embarrasing - walk through the hotel lobby ahead of them and an uncomfortable drive home. So be smart and pack a bag of casual clothes, toiletries, and a pair of comfortable shoes. Since most wedding dresses require special constrictive foundation garments like long-line bras and girdles, make sure to pack a regular bra as well. You might also want to bring a swimsuit if your hotel has a pool or hot tub.

  4. Be Safe Don't drink and drive, especially on your wedding night. If you don't have a limo or a friend to drive you, make sure you don't drink too much (if at all) at the wedding reception. I know this sounds like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many couples don't plan ahead for this. And a dangerous wedding night is not a happy wedding night. But also, alcohol can keep you from having really good wedding night sex!

  5. Have a Snack It's true that most couples hardly eat at their wedding reception. They're too busy talking, laughing and dancing to do anything as mundane as sitting down to eat. So by the time it's all over, they realize that they're starving. On my wedding night, a few friends had thoughtfully packed a bottle of champagne, and a basket with snacks and fruit for the hotel. And our amazing wedding venue, Bubby's Pie Co. put together to-go boxes of our wedding meal. So we had a feast! But it would also be fun to go through a drive through window in your wedding gown, or even to go to a 24-hour diner still dressed in your wedding finery.

Most importantly, make your wedding night yours. Don't feel pressure to have it be storybook perfect or just like anyone elses. If you take the time to make memories, it will be memorable.
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