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Top 10 Creative Ideas for Something Blue

How Will You Wear a Something Blue Lucky Charm?


Something Blue might be the trickiest part of the wedding tradition, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Most modern bridal accoutrements are virginal white. But this wasn't always true, and certainly doesn't have to be true now. You can find creative ways to incorporate something blue, no matter how much color you want to wear on your wedding day.
  1. Marry in Blue, Always Be True
    The most obvious answer is to wear a trendy blue wedding gown. From barely tinted to deep navy, it's possible to find grand ball gowns in every shade of the color. If that's not your style, then look for other ways to incorporate something blue into your attire. Rhinestones, embroidery, or crystal beading are a suble touch, or add a blue sash for a bolder look. If you've got a skirt with a crinoline, ask your dressmaker to add a colorful tulle under-layer. It won't show during posed pictures, but it will be an unexpected surprise when you kick up your heels on the dance floor.

  2. Nail Polish Let your fingers do the good luck talking with a pale turquoise nail polish shade. Or keep your good luck charm to yourself by painting your toe nails with a bolder sapphire. At the end of the night, when you're dancing enough to slip off the heels, your charms will have already worked their magic.

  3. A Sentimental Touch
    If you're planning on saving your dress as an heirloom, consider the sentimental touch of embroidering your monogram and wedding date on the inside of the gown in "something blue" thread. A professional will know how to ensure that it doesn't show from the outside, remaining a secret for the future generations who discover your gown.

  4. Lucky Drawers
    Lots of stores sell virginal white underwear for the wedding night, but try some blue lucky knickers for a hidden lucky charm. They can say, "I Do" or just be a punchy bright color. This can be the opportunity to splurge on a fancy pair, or an easy place to cut your budget. Your options are open, as long as you're not too shy to answer when someone asks you what your "something blue" is.

  5. Blue Suede Shoes
    Cute shoes are a sassy and fun way of incorporating this lucky color. If you're wearing a long dress, they'll probably stay your little secret during the ceremony. But once you're out on the dance floor, people will see this touch of whimsy. Our shoes site has a guide to wedding shoes and a top picks for blue shoes.

  6. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
    A hint of color on the sole of your shoe is not only fun and surprising, it's also a hint to the "and a sixpence for her shoe" part of the tradition. You can apply these aqua rhinestone appliques, or have solid colored soles. This can be a careful DIY painting project on some inexpensive shoes, or send them to the the Master Cobbler to be professionally painted.

  7. A Flower or Two of Blue
    Tuck a good luck charm into your bouquet. Natural "something blue" flowers include irises, delphinium, cornflower, hydrangea, grape hyacinth, tweedia, thistle, and forget-me-knots. You can also find many dyed flowers, like roses and carnations, though we suggest using only natural flowers for a nicer, more sophisticated look. Whether they comprise your whole bouquet, or just a few subtle blooms, you'll carry your luck down the aisle with you.

  8. BeRibbon It
    Use a something blue ribbon to wrap your bouquet, replace your corset laces, enhance your hairstyle, or bustle your wedding dress. Is it too cheesy to say, "you'll be tying the knot?"

  9. Hairstyles
    For a vintage look, add a teal birdcage veil or a navy fascinator. You'll want to coordinate it with your hair color so this lucky detail can be seen without overpowering your look.

  10. Did Someone Say Sapphire?
    With so many gorgeous gemstones available, it's natural that your jewelry might be your something blue. This is also a good opportunity to combine it with your something borrowed and/or your something old.
However you incorporate your "something blue", it will indicate your fidelity, honor (ever hear the phrase "true blue?"), and love. Most of all it will be a fun detail where you can add your creative ideas.

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