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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding - Suggestions for the Wedding Guest


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What to Wear to Stay Warm at a Fall Wedding
What to Wear to a Fall Wedding - Suggestions for the Wedding Guest
I've been to far too many fall weddings where women failed to plan ahead for the chill. Their great dresses were spoiled by too-casual sweaters and outdoor coats. But there are three ways that you can stay warm without ruining your outfit.
  1. A cute wool jacket Though this boiled wool jacket will definitely keep you warm, the cute ruffle and belt add a feminine touch. Buy this Classiques Entier warm jacket

  2. A dress with matching jacket Though you might also need an overcoat outside, the brocade coat will protect you in drafty halls. Later, when the dance floor heats up, you can throw off the coat to reveal a cute dress underneath.Buy this sheath dress with matching coat.

  3. A modern shrug Situations like this are practically what the shrug was made for. Its arms will keep you warm while the open front won't hide your dress. Check out this Donna Karan sparkly shrug in an unexpected color.

  4. A voguish wrap True, pashminas were way overdone in the mid-90s, but there is a way to wear a stylish wrap. I suggest this Nordstrom metallic knit wrapwhich will keep your arms covered in a fashionable way. Another option: MoMA Shibori Scarf

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