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Wedding Registry Checklist: Dining Room

Setting a Pretty Table


Use this wedding registry checklist that will help you outfit your dining room. Even if the food is takeout fried chicken, a beautiful table can create a fun and memorable dinner party. Certainly you aren't required to register for everything on this list, but using a wedding registry checklist will help you get started, and make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Not entertainers? Just register for the casual pieces and forgo the formal. Of course, it's always nice to be able to use a few fancy things for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Formal Dinnerware (Formal China)
Tip: Choose a pattern that fits your personality and taste, but is timeless. Will you still like the pattern in 30 years? Serving pieces like gravy boats, cake plates, and soup tureens are not entirely necessary, but will be fun to have as you entertain.

____ 8 or 12 place settings of china, five pieces each (dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, cup, saucer)

____ 8 or 12 sets of accent pieces (soup bowl, charger, dessert plate)

____ 2 small platters

____ 1 large platter

____ 2 serving bowls

____ Gravy boat

____ Sugar bowl and creamer

____ Cake plate

____ Soup tureen

Casual Dinnerware (Everyday China)
Tip: Here's where you can have a little fun. Dinnerware you use every day gets chipped and broken, so you'll probably have to replace it in a few years. Choose inexpensive settings in a pattern you love.

____ 6 to 8 place settings of 4 pieces each (dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, cup or mug)

Formal Flatware
Tip: Sterling silver is very expensive, so many couples choose less expensive silverplate as their formal flatware. Or you can simply choose a second set of your everyday flatware. Keep it put away so it doesn't get dinged, but when you have a large party, there will be no worries about having enough matching knives and forks.

____ 8 to 12 place settings (salad fork, dinner fork, knife, soup spoon, dessert spoon)

____ Coffee spoons

____ Butter knives

____ Cake server/knife

____ Gravy Ladle

Other Serving Accessories
Tip: These can be in the same pattern as your formal flatware, or from coordinating patterns.

____ Carving set

____ Salad serving set

____ Serving spoons (solid and pierced)

____ Salt and pepper

Everyday Flatware
Tip: Choose stainless steel for your everyday flatware, which you won't have to polish or worry too much about damaging. The grades (18/10, 18/8, and 18/0) refer to the amount of nickel, which prevents corrosion. Thus 18/10 will be the longest lasting. More information on stainless steel flatware

____ 8 to 12 place settings (dinner knife, dinner fork, salad fork, teaspoon, tablespoon)

Tip: You'll want at least as many glasses as you have place settings. Smart hostesses know that glasses are bound to break, and so order a few extra. Not big wine drinkers? Get all-purpose glasses that can double for either red or white. For a sentimental touch, open a few of your glasses early so that you can use them in a unity ceremony during your wedding or for your wedding toasts.

____ 10 to 15 red wine glasses

____ 10 to 15 white wine glasses

____ 10 to 15 champagne flutes

____ 10 to 15 water goblets

____ 10 to 15 everyday drinking glasses

____ 6 double old-fashioned glasses

____ 6 martini glasses


Tip: Have a dining room table you love? Go ahead and choose heirloom-quality tablecloths . Planning on replacing it soon? Opt for placemats or inexpensive tablecloths.

____ 2 tablecloths

____ 8 to 12 placemats

____ 8 to 12 napkins

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