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Your Wedding Ceremony - Orders of Service, Vows, Readings and More

Looking for different wedding vow wordings? Need suggestions for readings and songs? Or perhaps you need to know what comes first in the wedding ceremony? Here's everything you need to know from processional to recessional.
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  2. Wedding Readings (14)
  3. Gay and Lesbian Weddings (6)
  4. Wedding Ceremony Music (4)
  5. Guests and the Wedding Ceremony (5)
  6. Unity Candles and Unity Ceremonies (5)

Planning Your Wedding Ceremony - A Sample Wedding Ceremony and Order of Service
Many couples today are choosing to have a non-religious wedding ceremony, or be married by a friend or family member. Yet an important role of the officiant is to give you guidance in crafting your wedding ceremony, often following a predetermined format. If you are going the DIY route, here's advice on creating a memorable and personal...

Wedding Ceremony Checklist
A wedding ceremony checklist designed to help you keep track of all the things you'll need, including

Sample Secular Wedding Ceremony
If you're writing your own wedding ceremony, it can be hard to know where to begin. After all, there are a lot of resources for writing your vows, but relatively few available for writing your own wedding ceremony. This example is a particularly beautiful one which incorporates ritual and tradition. Feel free to adapt it to meet your needs and...

Giving Away the Bride: Traditions and Alternatives
The tradition of giving away the bride comes from a centuries-old custom. Here are new alternatives that both honor tradition and allow for fresh takes and changing roles.

Who Walks the Bride Down the Aisle?
Traditionally, the father of the bride walks her down the aisle. But if your dad has died, wasn't a big part of your life, or you have a blended family, you'll need to figure out who can fill those shoes instead. Here are the most popular options.

Finding an Officiant to Perform Your Marriage
Finding the right person to marry you is an important decision – after all, they will have a huge influence on the tone of the ceremony. Here are tips for finding a religious or secular person to marry you and questions to ask them.

The Wedding Processional -- Who Walks Up the Aisle When During a Wedding...
One of the grandest part of any wedding ceremony is when the bridal party makes its entrance. The air is full of anticipation, and the groom anxiously awaits his first glimpse of his bride in her wedding dress. But do you know what order your bridal party should walk in? And who escorts the mother of the bride? Here is a guide to different types...

Prince William and Catherine's Wedding Prayer
They didn't write their own vows, but Prince William and Kate still managed to make their wedding personal by writing their own wedding prayer.

Children and Weddings
Children in a wedding can be adorable and unpredictable. If you have children from a previous relationship, or young friends or family members you'd like to include in your wedding, read this guide to roles they can play, and ways to make them comfortable.

Wedding Programs - what to include, and do you need one?
Wedding programs are one of those little details that add that extra something to your big day. Here is information on what should be included in a wedding program, and how to decide if you should have a wedding program.

Should you have a religious wedding?
Are you an interfaith, non-practicing or partially agnostic engaged couple? If you're trying to decide whether or not to have a religious wedding, here are some considerations, and possible solutions.

Second Weddings - Getting Remarried in Style
Planning to get remarried? Planning a wedding for your second marriage can be an opportunity to improve any mistakes you made the first time - including the person you married! But there are some new rules of etiquette and sticky situations to deal with. Here's a guide to everything about second weddings.

10 Tips on Choosing a Wedding Reading
Too often, couples often just let their officiant choose their wedding readings for them. But when you take the time to find a personal wedding reading, it can not only improve your ceremony, it can also help strengthen your relationship for years to come. Here are my tips on how to choose a wedding reading.

Wedding Ceremony Music to Avoid - Top 3 Songs of Wedding Ceremony Music that...
Do you know the top 4 songs you shouldn't use in your wedding ceremony? Do you know what to use instead of Pachelbel's Canon?

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