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Readers Respond: Ask Nina Those Unique Wedding Planning Questions

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From the article: Chosing Your Wedding Venue
Do you have a burning wedding planning question? Wondering how to word that tricky invitation, where to find an interfaith minister, or how to handle an overwhelming in-law? I'll answer the best questions here.

wedding colors

The MOB is wearing navy. I am the MOG. I have found a bright royal blue dress that I love. Can I wear it? *****************Response from Nina ************************ It's traditional for the MOG to check with the MOB and the Bride before she buys her dress. They maybe have a specific color they'd envisioned you wearing, or that color might clash with the bridesmaid dresses. There aren't any rules saying that you can't wear a brighter color than the MOB, but you might not want to upstage her.


Hi Nina, This is not a question but I felt the need to point out to you how to spell the word "cheque". I couldn't bear it if someone wrote to me and thanked me for a "check". Please put this right as I,m sure a lot of people will view your website looking for ideas. Regards. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reply from Nina: In American English, check is the correct spelling. Elsewhere in the world, cheque is correct. I'm American, so I use American English! Of course, please use the correct spelling for your country. Thanks for your feedback! Nina
—Guest Liz

Custom URL for wedding web site

Nina I just wanted to let you know your post helped me get a wedding web site up. I used http://weddings.about.com/od/gettingstarted/a/weddingwebsite_2.htm. I got my site at TheKnot and then went with a local company referred by our photographer to customize the URL. Now people can go to www.ourweddinglastnames.com and it forwards to theKnot web site. In case you want to tell other people about that company they are FYNE.com domains and my contact there was a woman named Jen. All the best.
—Guest Ken and Mary

who can marry me and my fiance

I am Muslim, but I want to marry my Christian fiance without having religion involved. How can I do this? Weddings.about.com response: You can get a Justice of the Peace, or depending on your state, ask a friend to get "ordained" through the an online ministry like the Universal Life Church.
—Guest nikki d.


What's the traditional list for the bride. Something old, something new, something blue???? Reply from Weddings.about.com: It's Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I just posted many creative ideas for things you can use to complete this tradition. (Do a search if it's not still on the front page) Good luck!
—Guest Bianca

Too many flowers?

Hi, I want to make sure everyone who is supposed to get flowers/corsages/boutonieres etc. gets them. But I might be going overboard. Besides the wedding party and parents I want to provide flowers for my sisters, sisters in law, brothers, brothers in law and his sister as well. Is this too much? Should I just stick with the bridal party? My parents are both dead so I guess this is why I feel like I need something for my family. ____ RESPONSE FROM NINA: Traditionally, only the wedding party (which includes the parents) receive flowers. Many people also give corsages and boutonnieres to the grandparents as well. If they aren't bridesmaids and groomsmen, it's not necessary to give flowers to siblings and in-laws. However there's no reason - other than expense - not to. If it makes you happy, go for it!

bridal shower & honeydo shower

My MOH is determined to throw me a bridal shower, but my future MIL is determined to throw a honeydoshower so my finance can receive gifts also. I'm stuck trying to figure out an etiquette way to make sure guests do not feel pressured into bringing a gift to both. I do not think there is a way I can talk either one out of their plans. I do not want my guests to think we are being greedy. Help! ----------------------------------------- Nina Responds: If you're uncomfortable, you could convince your MOH to throw you a bachelorette party, or convince your MOH to throw you a bridesmaid's tea instead. I always say that planning a wedding helps you learn important life skills, and this may be the time to practice some diplomacy while still having the final say. If, however, it's really that you'd also like both showers and just are worried about how it will look, then I'd say split the guest list. Have one invite the younger friends and the other the older. Or the HoneyDo could have his friends, family, and some of your joint couple friends, while the traditional shower has primarily your friends and family.

Give a gift or not?

Please Help!! My manager knows I'm going to be attending my nieces bridal shower on the same day of her wedding. We've had manager/staff issues in the past that I can't forget about. I will not be attending her wedding and she's told me she will not send me an invitation since she knows I will not be able to attend. I didn't go to her shower either. Is it expected of me to still get her some kind of gift? I don't think the rest of the "team" will be buying her anything either and she didn't invite all staff in our department. I don't think our department is even planning on our own small shower, and I don't think anyone else wants to go in on a gift. I really don't have the money either. Please help! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is nice to give a present, but it's not required. But you should at least give a card, and seriously consider giving her a wedding gift. It might help ease some of those manager/staff issues a little. Good luck! - Nina
—Guest Sharon

Custom Wedding Snow globe

I'm not planning a wedding, I'm attending one, and I wanted to give my friend a snow globe since she collects them. It needs to be very elegant -- nothing plastic -- and something she could display. She likes nice things, so I'm willing to pay a little bit to have a wedding snow globe made that will be unique to her day. Any ideas? ******** Response from Nina******** That's a great idea! It's hard to have just one snow globe custom made - most of the custom companies only do large orders for use as corporate gifts and favors. There are companies that allow you to personalize by adding names and dates to the front, such as this one http://www.thingsremembered.com/product/Wedding-Bisque-Water-Globe/157985.uts. I hope that helps!
—Guest Custom Wedding Snow globe

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